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Profession, collaboration, innovation, shared

Taking customers as the center and value creation as the traction, through innovation and establishing a sharing and cooperation mechanism, we will promote professional and coordinated development of various businesses and become a leading enterprise with leading products.

  • profession

    Focusing on the profession is the success of survival and development. Enterprises must concentrate resources and energy to cultivate the core competitiveness of the professional field, expand professional advantages, and enhance the professional level of each work.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is to establish a global view and a system view, to pursue resource sharing, to achieve the overall efficiency of the enterprise and maximize value; to deal with the relationship between emerging business and current business, business departments and management departments, and the present and the future.

  • Innovation

    With the ultimate goal of value creation and performance improvement, through system planning, a mechanism for transforming innovation results is established within the organization to help enterprises seize market opportunities and evolve.

  • shared

    With the idea of “opening the border and exchanging value”, we will open up our own resources while sharing the resources of others, and realize the rapid and high-quality development of enterprises through the integration of various forms of resources.

Create value and grow together

Man is the ultimate promoter of all creation and development. Enterprises should build a platform of shared value, guide and promote the transformation of individual creativity into real value; change the management of employees from control to empowerment, use talents to take opportunities, promote opportunities with opportunities, and ultimately achieve the common growth of employees and enterprises. In the work, we must have the standard of employing people, cultivate a system, and constantly add a sense of acquisition and a sense of accomplishment to each newcomer.

  • standard

    Adhere to the criteria of “healing results, statefulness, and loyalty”, let people who actively do things, creatively do things, and ultimately create value to be reused.

  • system

    Based on post study and job rotation, the “Jingxin Business School” is used as a carrier to actively connect external excellent training resources, and comprehensively apply “pass, help, bring” and other methods to build a sound training system.

  • achievement

    Through innovative systems and mechanisms, we will inspire each individual's creativity and enterprising spirit, continue to empower individuals, enjoy the development achievements of the enterprise, feel the inner richness and glory, and let the talented and outstanding talents create in Beijing. cause.

Meet clinical needs and create market value

Focusing on clinical needs, by integrating global high-quality research and development resources, we will rapidly improve our research and development capabilities, acquire core technologies, and continuously transform technology into products with market competitiveness.


Tree brand, professional, strong execution

To win the market and become a leading company in the industry, it is necessary to build a strong brand, use the brand to extend and enlarge the value of the product, continuously enhance the influence of the company, and realize the transformation of marketing from product promotion to brand promotion. To win customers, it is necessary to have a strong The professional ability and execution ability, through the display of good professionalism and professional behavior, win customers' trust in products and enterprises, and pursue the goal rigidly with strong execution.


Jingxin medicine, carefully crafted

Only when each Jingxin person constantly improves his professional skills and work literacy, and pursues the excellence of work and the spirit of continuous craftsmanship, can he create high-quality products and services.


Improve quality, strong service, win customers

Adhere to the consistent standard operation, adopt the world's advanced manufacturing technology according to local conditions, establish an agile and standardized production management system in line with Beijing New Reality, and meet customer needs quickly and efficiently.


Strong main business

Investment closely follows the development strategy of the enterprise, integrates industrial resources around the two main lines of technology and products, and then enhances the technical strength, market capability and management capability of the enterprise, and actively expands the business boundary in the process of promoting the rapid and healthy development of the main business.


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